Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Organic Table--Tuesday

Thanks to Irene my kids had no school yesterday because the AC was out.  Once again, I was thrown for a loop!
This week is going to be all about the organic table.  Use of this element in a room seems to scream "LIVED IN" to me.  Whether it's a coffee table or dining table, it's all the same.  Complete fabulosity!  Mix it will gold, silver, bronze accents and you can't go wrong.

Looks amazing and indestructible, huh?  Works so well with the glamour and the rustic.  Personally, I prefer the glamour room and I have a few pieces of this look in my home (to be seen on Friday!)
This all ties into Irene perfectly for me.  We had the most fabulous oak tree in our front yard that was over a hundred years old.  Well, it was dead and we had to remove it pre-Irene so we wouldn't risk her falling on the house or power lines.  Still have some of her trunk in the front yard that has yet to be removed and I am seriously thinking of a massive coffee table in the den.  Shellaced for a sheen and left in her free form state????  Now to figure out how to maneuver all 600 pounds of her.  Must go ponder ideas and convince the husband...

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